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Personalized Yard Signs Has Gone Mainstream – Coming Soon at Cafepress

I know it isn’t a t-shirt but its still a unique product that allows people to express themselves. It takes a certain type of person or family to put up yard signs, especially if it is one with a bold statement about Jesus, the election or maybe an anti bush yard sign that says “Impeach Bush” BUT there are a LOT of brave people ready to express their strong opinions on their front lawn. Other yard signs folks use that are more neutral that are for topics like a birthday, Christmas, holiday, birth announcement, baby shower, or party announcement.

Cafepress announced that they will soon be offering yard signs for Shopkeepers to offer personalized versions on October 10th, 2007. Cafepress Yard Signs Cafepress has really grown in size and as a result adding new products really takes a lot more time and research to make sure they will work and be successful. At first I was really surprised to see that Cafepress would get into this type of product but think about how many people put these signs on their lawn around election time. According to Cafepress the addition of the yard signs is largely for the 2008 elections but as we all know with a little creativity lawn signs can be designed for a lot more than just the 2008 election. With a base price of $14.99 it will be interesting to see how Cafepress does with these new products.


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