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Inside Look at the New Spreadshirt Production Facility in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Spreadshirt recently opened a new production facility in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The new facility is just down the road from their current location and is all of the U.S. production and I guess we can assume that business is booming if they are opening a new facility. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony a few days ago that was attended by Congressman Tim Murphy, shop owners, and local media. (Hey! Why wasn’t I invited). Gillie was one of the non-Spreadshirt employees who was privileged to go to the grand opening of the new Spreadshirt facility and you can check out her Gillie’s Blog for more info and Gillie’s lovely pictures of the Spreadshirt facility as seen below. I was very pleased and surprised that they let us common folk see inside the product facility with pictures. It is too bad we can’t see all their high-tech printers in action but it is still nice to see a general overview of the production plant.

Overviews of the Spreadshirt production facility:
Spreadshirt Production Facility

Spreadshirt Production Overview

Spreadshirt Facility

Spreadshirt Customer Service in Action
Spreadshirt Customer Service

T-shirt creation in action:

Preparing the screens
Spreadshirt Preparing screens

Preparing Flock
Preparing Flock

Other shots from Spreadshirt (see Spreadshirt Flickr stream)

Spreadshirt ribbon cutting
Spreadshirt Ribbon Cutting

and lastly the kick ass Spreadshirt signage (looks big and important!)
Spreadshirt Sign

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  1. Jana Eggers · September 20, 2007

    🙂 Thanks for the nice words. We are very proud of our new facility.

    Regarding seeing the “printing” you actually are seeing our “high-tech” printers. 🙂 What you label as “preparing the screens” is actually “weeding”. It is preparing the transfer that will be put on the shirt. Our high tech is our people.

    Regarding our sign, that’s temporary, while we work on a new logo. See our Open Logo Project,

    Thanks again for the mention!

  2. adam · September 21, 2007

    Looks great, i’ll get to see it myself in a few weeks 🙂

    If you want to see a behind the scenes of the EU production you can find it here

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