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Zazzle Undergoes Major Facelift – Brief Design History of Zazzle

Zazzle really has undergone a major facelift. And this is supposed to be one of many changes to come soon. The goal of the facelift was to make Zazzle “easier and more fun to use…and better feature and sell the amazing products created by our community of artists and designers”. Following thousands of design concepts, focus groups and coding the results show today.

The new facelift is called the “Zazzle Skin” that is designed to make designs and products more visible and pop out to users/customers (and they really do!). As part of the new site, Zazzle dropped a lot of images on the site and used cleaner and simpler design theme. These include changes to the main site navigation, a new What’s Hot page to see what is currently popular or selling, searched or on sale. Zazzle Categories and their associated navigation have also been reorganized to feature those categories that buyers are usually looking for. So basically their new navigation is: What’s Hot, Categories, Participate, Create. This is a lot simpler than their previous navigation that included: Welcome, Products, Contributors, Special Collections, Create a Product, My Zazzle.

The Participate link has changed to a page that tries to get people to get involved by designing products, submitting designs to contests, as well as rating and sharing of products. For the create and buy tool, Zazzle has made a few upgrades to their design tool as well including a way to change your images without changing our entire design. You can also now title your design when creating it. There are a few other changes to the gallery and other parts of Zazzle but we will get to those another time.

Zazzle Beta was launched in July 2001 and remained in beta for quite some time. Unfortunately, I was not a beta user and no idea what that experience was like.

Zazzle 2001

In 2003, Zazzle moves out of beta with this snazzy design.

In Jul 2003, there was another significant homepage update

Zazzle 2003

The following was the basic homepage for part of 2004 and 2005. Unfortunately we don’t have access to the images on the homepage. If I remember correctly they had rotating designs on the homepage.


Zazzle 2005

In 2006, there was another major upgrade (my favorite homepage except that annoying guy on the right) that stayed with us until todays update.. Zazzle kept the three major boxes for quite a while (Shop, Create, Publish) and just changed the main images depending on the time of year or theme.

Zazzle 2006-2007

Here is the September 2007 Zazzle updated homepage that moves away from the orange dominated Zazzle brand.with simplified navigation and more boxy appearance.


Zazzle 2007

What do you think about the new Zazzle upgrade? We want to know! Share your comments. You can also check out more at the Zazzle Blog

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