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Threadless Digital Bootcamp – Learn the Skills to Design T-Shirts

Digital Bootcamp has teamed up with Threadless to offer a wide range of graphics and design classes at the new Threadless retail store in Chicago (more details on this to come) These Digital Bootcamp/Threadless classes are a must for anyone who is serious about designing t-shirts or creating art. Most classes are $49, and they have tons of options. Here are some of the first classes offered:

  • Flash essentials
  • Photo essentials
  • Working with the pen tool
  • Illustrator essentials
  • Using the Wacom tablet
  • Getting the most from your digital camera
  • Color theory essentials
  • CS2-CS3
  • Making a poster
  • Illustrator essentials
  • Flash essentials
  • Photo essentials
  • Working with channels and clipping paths
  • HTML essentials

    Check out the full lineup of digital bootcamp Threadless classes.

    Threadless Digital Bootcamp

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