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How to get a free t-shirt at (How-to video)

Yea, its simple and doesn’t take much to try on a free t-shirt from We just ordered one ourselves while making this short and basic video. Once we receive the t-shirt (in 21 days!) we will be doing a review of the t-shirt and printing quality.

Here is a screenshot of the free t-shirt at the checkout page at You can get the how-to-video and link to VistaPrint below.

Free VistaPrint T-Shirt

Note that its free (but $4.41 for Shipping) and it will take 21 days before you get your order. The wait is LONG but is hard to complain when its FREE! If you want to spend $6.15 it will still take $6.15, at $7.15 your order is considered priority and will arrive in around a week.

We know that we need to work on the video quality/resolution size but here is what we have for a How to Get a Free T-Shirt at

If you are ready:
Free Vista Print T-Shirt

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  2. Heather Ptaszynski · May 24, 2010


    I was just interested in knowing if your tee shirts will have the Vista Print logo on it? My business just ordered your business cards, and they will be delivered in the mail in a few weeks. My business name is, and we will like to wear a shirt to sell your products.

    Thank You,

    Heather Ptaszynski

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