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LaFraise now selling in the United States (well, sort of)

Almost a month ago, (owned by announced they would be selling their popular t-shirt competition designs in the United States (see our previous article and the Spreadshirt Blog). LaFraise has been called the European version of Now, when you visit you can see the grayed out option for USA in the left column.

La Fraise USA

However, when you click on the USA link you get sent to a LaFraise branded Spreadshirt store. The experience on the LaFraise branded Spreadshirt store does NOT compare to that of the original It is disappointing that the US component has been separated out. On the U.S. La Fraise “Spreadshirt Store” you can only purchase items and then are redirected BACK AGAIN if you want to submit a design to the competition (which you can’t do yet).

In my opinion, these sites need to be completely integrated or totally separated and not called LaFraise for the U.S., just call it Spreadshirt competitions. I understand they need to have a way to separate the orders so U.S. customers get it printed in the U.S. facility but you would think they could do this on the backend instead of making the customers and user bounce across different domains. It gives me the impression that Spreadshirt was lazy in their integration of the U.S. component. Why couldn’t they have used the domain and just added option to see the prices in US dollars and have a way for orders just to be directed to the correct location (i.e. Spreadshirt US) instead of redirecting the user to navigate the La Fraise Spreadshirt shop. The site is fun, its easy to see the designs and the Spreadshirt store doesn’t give that same feeling.

Just look at the difference in shopping experience between the two sites. Note, these are ACTUAL sizes of the shirts IN the stores. Now tell me, which has a better shopping experience for the user?

Comparison between LaFraise and Spreadshirt

Personally, when I am shopping for t-shirts I like to be able to read or view a t-shirt without having to click a lot (like the left image above). has a great interface and it is disappointing the U.S. version does not have the same look. There are also a few other things that aren’t clear to me. On the site it does NOT mention that they ship to the U.S. on the bottom of the site. It also doesn’t provide a way for folks in the U.S. to be affiliates. You can’t even sign up as a U.S. citizen. The only way to know you can get something in the US is if you click the grayed out USA flag.

As of now there are only 20 products for sale at the U.S. store (and not the ones I want to purchase). To further compare the experiences, I have taken a few screenshots to compare and LaFraise USA. Note that I have reduced the size of the screenshots but the scale has remained intact.

La Fraise Waste of Space

Where would you rather shop?? It is great that LaFraise is going to ship to the U.S. but don’t reduce our experience that LaFraise spent so much time building. On the U.S. site header it states “You want fame? You want to win $1350 USD? You want to be a part of europe’s largest design contest?” That seems to give the impression that you can particpate. WRONG, you can’t yet, if you go to LaFraise you can’t register if you are from the U.S.. Currently, as U.S. residents we can only purchase selected designs (NOT those on, only those that end up in the Spreadshirt LaFraise Shop. There might potential for U.S. residents to participate and purchase designs (they want) from (and enjoy it) but its not quite ready yet. If you are ready, go signup or buy a shirt at

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  1. Camille _ laFraise · October 9, 2007

    Hi Matt,

    You are very right to bring up such questions, and I will do my best to answer them in a comprehensive manner.

    The US part of is different in many ways.
    At first, we added the link to the North American Shop at the top of all three European shops. This was confusing our users and didn’t seem to get the message across as many people were still asking us why we did not offer any delivery options outside of the EU. This is why we wanted to make things a bit more intelligible by adding the US flag on the left of the page to ease the access to the US shop.

    As you have explained, the North American part is indeed a Shop and does not include as many features as the European versions… for the time being.
    Indeed, we were eager to offer some of our t-shirts to the laFraise fans of the world who were really looking forward to have the possibility to receive their shirts outside of the EU.
    This is why we launched the US shop prior to the opening of the North American design contest and blog.

    This temporary version does offer a limited selection of shirts. We offer 100 shirts, each design carefully hand-picked in hope to be most likely to correspond to the tastes of a more international audience. The reason for this is that many of the shirts printed on laFraise are French specific and thus wouldn’t be much fun for anybody who can’t understand what the message on the shirt means…

    I would like to clear up the misunderstanding concerning participation on laFraise.
    Everybody is invited to participate, thus your quote of our header in the US shop, that is indeed accurate.

    Where it might get a bit confusing is at the time of registration to laFraise. It is true that only a limited list of countries is stated on the European version, these are the countries laFraise EU delivers to. For the mean time, most international designers sign up with an other country name (i.e. an American designer might select the United Kingdom). This allows him to fully take part in the design contest and win the prize money, as well as two of his t-shirts.
    For example, one great designer from Brazil, DracoImagem, won several times and was nice enough to send us a picture of himself wearing his t-shirt “Mimico” while standing under the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio 🙂

    We are currently trying to set up a much simpler and less disorienting system for everybody to sign up, and understand that they are able to participate, all the while being invited to place their order in the North American shop (if outside of the EU).

    As for affiliation, this will not be available in US shop until the full version of the North American site will be up and running, which we hope will be in the near future 😉

    Please let me know if you have any more questions !

    Looking forward to discovering your designs on the European part of the site 🙂

    Camille _

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