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Review of the Zazzle API – Create a Product Bookmarklet (

With Zazzle you can allow your web site visitors to customize t-shirts with both images and text and purchase them through Every product that is created and purchased by a user will earn you up to 17% of the sale (10% royalty and 7% referral commission).

As with everything, there are original and copycat ideas. A few people have copied other peoples existing customized shirt models of I [heart] shirts, or name tag t-shirts so I won’t go over those. The Free Dictionary is supposed to have an API set up but I typed in a few words and found nothing about getting a custom t-shirt. Dogster and Catster also have intergrated the Zazzle API to allow users to put their pet pictures on products.

A good example of a creative way to use the Zazzle API was with Cogteeth. They created a bookmarklet that allows you to find any image on the web and the bookmarklet will allow you to put it on a product, customize it and buy it from Zazzle. The one problem I see is how easy it is to use copyrighted images and just purchase them. I know anyone could save an image on their computer and take it to a custom t-shirt site like Zazzle, Spreadshirt, or Cafepress, or CustomINK, but this makes it SOOO easy to print copyrighted images. We have made a little video showing how easy it is to use Cogteeth.

We are experimenting with doing more video for this blog. If you want to see more videos or have ideas for videos please don’t hesitate to ask, but remember its our first video so be gentle. :P.

According to Zazzle the Create a Product API takes about 20 minutes to set up. You just need to set up your account on zazzle, create your product template and define how your products will be created and then you are ready to promote your tool. You can read more about the Zazzle API on the Zazzle Blog and the Zazzle API page.

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