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Zazzle Templates (EZ Templates)

A few weeks ago Zazzle announced a tool to offer easier customization of designs. Zazzle’s new system called EZ Templates are supposed to be easy to set up and make it really easy for customers to personalize a design with their own text. They provided the examples of being able to add a name to the back of one design or uploading a photo into a greeting card. Basically you go into the Zazzle Product Designer and add a new design and then add a placeholder. A placeholder can be anywhere on the product and this is where the image or user supplied text will appear when passed through the API. Once you complete setting the placeholder you then need to turn it into a Zazzle “template”. To create your own Zazzle template check out these specs on the EZ Templates and API

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  1. Deamonic Angel · February 23, 2009

    That’s all well and good but I really need “templates” as in what cafepress offer. With zazzle I find my image is far too small or large or the wrong shape for the product. If they gave out product templates to fix your design too it would be alot easier. Although zazzle has more to offer than cafepress and apparently gives you more money.

    – Deamonic Angel

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