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Spreadshirt US is now available in French (Français)

Spreadshirt announced that they will be offering the U.S. Spreadshirt web site in French for all those French-Canadians. What is crazy about this is that in the Spreadshirt Marketplace the design titles can be viewed in French. So somehow those users who submitted design titles in English are translated to French. Seems pretty cool but it will be interesting to see how well the translation is for the design titles. You can view Spreadshirt in French by selecting “Français” in the drop-down menu located near the bottom right of the page. So I assume this means that French-Canadians can read in French and all orders will be fullfilled through Spreadshirt’s U.S. office. Hopefully this will stick and won’t be as short lived as Spreadshirt’s launch of that was supposed to be geared toward Latino communities.

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