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La Fraise ready to battle it out with Threadless in the U.S.

Exciting Commerce and Blognation recently reported that La Fraise (a company that was purchased by in December 2006) is going to enter the U.S. market on August 15th 2007. La Fraise, who boasts 80,000 community members is an ongoing t-shirt design competition site similar to Threadless. As of now their shipping options were limited to Europe and Japan. To help with their launch into the U.S. market La Fraise will have their first contest with an American Politics theme: “Now’s the time to start thinking about the weird ways of American Politics and light your Wacoms on fire!” (La Fraise Blog). According to it.cork “ is a 500 items limited t-shirt publisher that offers graphic designers permanent content, and for the winner, €1,000 for each design printed…La Fraise (meaning ‘The Strawberry’) was founded by Patrice Cassard in his apartment in 2003 and now hosts a community of over 70,000 users made up mainly of designers and design fans. The site has proved to one of France’s greatest Web 2.0 success stories.” La Fraise’s move to the U.S. will definitely be one to watch and we will keep you posted on any new developments.

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