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Cafepress Voice – Shopkeeper Feedback Committees

A few months ago created Cafepress Voice committees to provide direct feedback to Cafepress staff on products, quality, site features and more. Forums and blogs are a great way to maintain communication with your community members but sometimes you really need to work with a smaller more focused group and CP Voice meets this need. There are three Cafepress Voice groups (Shop Management, Merchandise, and Quality) with about five members in each. Cafepress community members were nominated by their peers and then Cafepress held an election.

The Cafepress Voice roles are as follows:

1. Represent CafePress and the Community
2. Evaluate new services, features, and programs on behalf of the Community and offer suggestions and voice concerns, if any
3. Attend discussions and meetings to learn about current and upcoming initiatives
4. Be up-to-date on respective category issues and programs presented by Voice Panel Leaders and be involved in offering feedback and suggestions
5. Be an active member of the Community to better understand different Community viewpoints
6. Provide responsive and constructive feedback and suggestions

Elected members of CP Voice were invited to a meeting at the Cafepress HQ back in May to meet the Cafepress Staff and to go over the rules, roles and plans for the committees. You can view all the elected members on the Cafepress Voice page. There are also monthly updates on the input and decisions made by the Voice Committees.

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