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Free T-Shirts for your Business? Vista Print

Free Vista Print T-Shirt

Vista Print recently launched a new custom t-shirt designer and to get attention and customers they have an offer free t-shirt. Who doesn’t like something that is free? Well, its a great t-shirt if you like one of their seventeen business card like templates. It is largely marketed towards business owners to create t-shirts for their business or business event. It is more of a sample than something anyone would actually buy and wear. It has very locked features that allow you only to enter text how and where Vista Print specifies. BUT, if you want to spend $9.98 you can do a couple more customizations but its still fairly limited. However, if you want to pay full price (a whopping $4.75), they really do have a lot of other t-shirt templates available from the link on the right on the following pageVista Print on their main t-shirt page that are geared towards small businesses. Their prices are really cheap but we have not read anything about the quality of the products. I will have to create and buy a custom t-shirt from them later this week. The low price marketing technique has been used by other online t-shirt retailers such as who launched their business with the $2 custom t-shirt.

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  1. frankie · July 29, 2008

    Nice offer. be sure to check out their landscaping designs as well!

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