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Comboutique Review or should I say Com boutique

Well, normally I wouldn’t step foot in a “boutique”. The name “boutique” makes me think of blue haired ladies buying jewelry or fancy things that serve no purpose but to clutter up ones life. BUT a boutique that sells custom t-shirts might get my attention! Lucky for me they have an English version of their site because my French and German skills are definitely lacking. Comboutique is yet another site that allows folks to either create and buy a custom t-shirt or open your own store to sell t-shirts. They call their custom t-shirt ordering process the “T-Shirt Minute. Ready GO!! Well after 3 minutes I created a t-shirt that had one line of text and a clip art image. It is definitely a early generation tool for creating custom t-shirts with very little ability to make it truly customized but it works for something basic. They have a “Hot Stuff” page that features various products that people created. It allows you view, purchase, rate and comment on each shirt. They have a pretty good selection of designs that cover a wide range of topics. You can also create your own store and earn a commission when any of your t-shirts sell. It is a simple system that works in general but is very limited in features like Spreadshirt’s store building system. It is not a speedy process and I really don’t know if they bring in much traffic or get decent search engine placement for user created stores. But might be worth a shot if you are looking to sell your designs in France or Germany.

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  1. Em · December 12, 2010

    I’d avoid using Comboutique. I recently ordered two t-shirts from them and the quality of the print was awful on both of them. Despite their assertions that they offer ‘screenprinted’ t-shirts they don’t and what they do offer has much more in common with an iron-on print-your-own transfer. I have no faith it will last beyond the first wash and even if does, it looks horrible and plastic and could be picked off with my fingernail. Not what you’d expect for £17.50 a t-shirt.

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