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Inner Tee Review

Inner Tee launched a few months back and has new take on Threadless style designs. Inner Tee allows users to contribute design elements and mix and mash random design elements on t-shirts. Designs such as a small robot head cost $1 to add to a t-shirt. The more elements that are added to a shirt the more it costs. While some shirts are as low as $15 others such as this crazy monkey robot design cost as much as $29. Users can either purchase their own creation or earn a sales commission when someone else purchases their Inner Tee creation. Every user gets their own user page that shows the design elements they have contributed as well as the design mixes they have created. Its a fun site with plenty of potential. It definitely appeals to a “specific” audience as stripes and argyle shirts aren’t for everyone. It goes for the artsy t-shirts similar to Threadless but lets you personalize your shirt to make it look as unique and crazy as you want.

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  1. Miles · August 2, 2007

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site! We’ve just gotten started and still have a TON of work todo but its been a blast so far and working with the artists & members is a great way to learn how to improve your product.

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