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Review of the Spreadshirt Affiliate Lead Program – Is it fair?

In June I gave an updated review of the Spreadshirt Affiliate Program and was pleased overall. Spreadshirt made updates to their site and also introduced “lead” commissions. Basically a lead is if you get someone to sign up at Spreadshirt and open a store. When I first checked my account in Shareasale for Spreadshirt I couldn’t figure out what all of these $2.00 referrals were and then finally realized they made the “lead” update and it was kind of exciting because its another way to make a little money from the affiliate program. However, starting in July most of them started getting voided and I couldn’t figure out why. In fact, exactly 50% of all the leads were voided and I was not to receive any commission for those referrals (from other sites). After reading the fine print a valid leads means “the User registers with a valid e-mail address, postal address and activates his shop within 2 weeks”. 2 weeks! If that sounds like a long time to anyone then you have never tried to open your own t-shirt shop online! As an affiliate we are bringing Spreadshirt a valid customer and/or Shopkeeper and an email address. I really hope Spreadshirt considers either communicating with newly signed up users on Spreadshirt (before my lead time expires!) or extending that “lead” time to something more realistic or following other POD company leads that pay a % of the lead for a year or the life of the member.

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  1. seoreef · May 1, 2008

    Yes, I have the same problems inside shareasale. Making a few leads and then having them voided sucks big time.

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