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Spreadshirt Affiliate Program Update

Spreadshirt has just updated their affiliate program to give folks more incentive to push their service and gear. This goes along with their site update. Spreadshirt claims that the updates to their web site have resulted in 28% more conversion on average. The marketplace is now included in the affiliate program. Before this the Spreadshirt affiliate program was only for those purchase from their Spreadshirt Product Designer. However, my only complaint is that the homepage really pushes people to either Open a Spreadshirt Shop OR Create their own t-shirt. The marketplace link is really small and not given very much attention. But another change that Spreadshirt made to the affiliate program is that you get $2 when you refer someone to Spreadshirt and they sign up for a store. So even if they don’t end up buying anything you can still make a little money from signups. While the $2 bonus is good I would love to see a multi-tiered affiliate program at Spreadshirt. If an affiliate works hard to create a new shopowner at Spreadshirt they only get $2 and they could potentially bring Spreadshirt hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Cafepress has a dying referral program that pays you 5% of any sale that is made my a Shopkeeper that you refer. The Cafepress referral program used to be for the life of the member but was reduced to one year. Back to Spreadshirt, the changes to the program are overall positive and do increase the incentive to send people over to their site, especially since they completed their much needed site overhall.

I was going to include a link to the Spreadshirt Affiliate page but it redirects to the main page…go figure. Anyway, this is supposed to be the link to the Spreadshirt Affiliate Program . If it doesn’t work don’t blame me.

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