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Spreadshirt Marketplace VBG “Relaunch”

SpreadshirtSpreadshirt announced yesterday that they have FINALLY done some updates to both their marketplace or as they call it “Visual Buying Guide” or VBG and shopkeeper experience. So what does this really mean? Well for Spreadshirt Partners/Shopkeepers they can add their designs to the marketplace like before but now it can be done from your account a little easier and they have updated general marketplace design. If you login to your account you can go to your images and they have added a small link “Add to Marketplace”. For each image you need to: set the commission (Spreadshirt keeps 10% of your markup for marketing fees), the category, title, description, add tags, and of course agree to terms and services. After it is added you can then edit your listings. However editing the tags is messed up in the beta. You can not edit the tags, just add to them. The marketplace design looks very sleek and a much need upgrade. I got to check out the marketplace last night but today when I tried to go back I logged in to the Spreadshirt Beta it is all in German so I will have to wait until I can find a way to view it in English.

If you want to check out info on the marketplace you can do so here: (Spreadshirt Marketplace Info)
but you will need to find a beta code on the Spreadshirt blog but not sure if any of those still work. One positive is that they have also included a survey so hopefully they will listen to feedback and listen to their users. Providing easy ways to give feedback is ALWAYS a plus.

Meanwhile I will keep busy trying to add a few designs to the marketplace to see what happens.

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  1. adam · June 5, 2007

    Thanks for trying out the marketplace. Although the concept is similar, its totally different to the old marketplace and is now one of the central areas of the site, where it was a little siloed before. You can change the language using the drop down on the bottom right of the page.

    Oh and the beta is now open to one and all, so you don’t have to hunt around for an access code 🙂



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