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Spreadshirt Affiliate Program Site Launched

Spreadshirt recently launched a new section on their site for affiliates. The Spreadshirt affiliate program is centered around their Custom Product Designer where users can create their own custom t-shirt. They offer a minimum 20% commission on referred sales (up to 30% for high performers).

You can join the Spreadshirt affiliate program at Shareasale or Commission Junction (CJ). I am a Spreadshirt affiliate through Shareasale and have not spent a lot of time with CJ. But I did just sign up on CJ also to check out their datafeed and could only find products for the Germany based affiliate program. Looks like they have 400+ t-shirts for those who have German language sites…..Hopefully they will add some for the U.S. based users AND add them by subject or theme. Having a feed of 400 random shirts is ok but I would rather have a feed of 400 shirts related to a very specific subject. Along the same lines, there are no subject specific landing pages set up for affiliates which makes it difficult for an affiliate to drive targetted traffic. They have lots of great products but they are all hiding in stores that the majority of people will never see with the exception of the store owner. They do have the Spreadshirt VBG/Ubershop but as I have mentioned before is a very limited solution to finding unique products are Spreadshirt.

For more info check out the Spreadshirt affiliate program FAQ for those who have unanswered questions or to sign up.

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  1. Patrick Hundt · August 17, 2006

    Hi there,

    Adding products to Shareasale and the CJ US program is in progress. Just waiting for response from the networks. Should be available within the next few days.

    As you know at the moment it is not possible to benefit affiliates for driving traffic to a third party shop. I hope we eill be able to establish this great feature at some point.
    For now it’s not possible to avoid that shop partners promote their own shop through our affiliate program and earn unlimited amounts of money (as they can set the commission in their shop).

    Talk to you later,

  2. T-Shirt Guy · August 17, 2006

    Thanks for the update Patrick. I can’t wait for the US product feed :), I will keep checking back at CJ and keep everyone updated.

    It seems there should be a way to monitor affiliates linking to their own site with the right verification process and terms of service but I am sure you have looked into it. Thanks again for coming to say hello!


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