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Spreadshirt Help!

Months ago I started playing around with the store builder on Spreadshirt but got frusterated about the Spreadshirt"/usability and general lack of features (bulk add titles, descriptions, prices), no methods for organizing designs, and no marketplace. One of the only improvements they have made in over a year was the Visual Buying Guide / Spreadshirt Ubershop (Ubershop review). The Ubershop/VBG has increased the visibility of many shopkeepers designs and as a result more Spreadshirt shops are showing up more in Google results for a variety of t-shirt topics.

It is because of the increased visibility potentials I decided to give Spreadshirt another chance and try and create a decent sized store. Once again I was disappointed with their services for Shopkeepers and general lack of updates since previous visits. A restriction was recently added that limits the number of digital uploads per day to 20. While many shopkeepers may never have the need to upload 20 designs in a day, it is ridiculous that they have added this restriction. Frusterated by the upload limitation I contacted the Spreadshirt Shopkeeper Associate and was informed that they couldn’t do anything about it. Apparently I am the only one who has an issue with this. Basically I was told if I wanted to upload more designs I would have to pay for another Spreadshirt employee. For someone like myself who wants to build a store in a short amount of time the Spreadshirt upload limitation really turns me off to their service. Their company grows from Shopkeepers who upload designs and create stores. Silly restrictions like this and general lack of site updates of features that help shopkeepers will really limit their ability to grow as a company.

Many of my friends who are also passionate about t-shirt design and use services of Spreadshirt competitors all say the same thing “Spreadshirt is a pain to use”, Spreadshirt has no marketplace”, “Spreadshirt needs bulk edit features”, “Spreadshirt needs to add sections so I can organize my store”, “Spreadshirt doesn’t have the tools to help me be successful”.

The thing is I really WANT to use Spreadshirt services. They have a great thing going but I just hope they step it up with features to save shopkeepers time and provide them the tools for success.

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  1. Patrick Hundt · August 4, 2006

    Hi there,

    I’ll pass on your remarks to our service department.
    Of course they won’t improve the mentioned things immediately. However it might still be a thought-provoking impulse 🙂


    Affiliate Manager

    Skype: patrickhundt
    Google: patrick.hundt

  2. DragonAotearoa · March 18, 2007

    Spreadshirt Pros would be the greater design area including some on sleeves and colour range, money recived via paypal

    Cons inability to hotlink(i am only learning XML)
    design uploads restrictions, bulk change option, kids range, slownees of the product create tool.

    Im not us and all these things count thiugh i have an account in each. For search optimisation and engine rankings i have a site then hotlink tho i will use XML feed when i figure that out

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