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Spreadshirt Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are the key to many companies successes on the internet. Spreadshirt"/A company can build an army of salespeople by offering their “salespeople” or affiliates a percentage of each lead or sale they generate. Spreadshirt has an affiliate program and pays 20% of each sale generated. For a $20 t-shirt an affiliate makes $4. For Spreadshirt it is worth paying 20% to have these affiliates work to find new ways of selling their products that they may not have otherwise been able to generate.

Spreadshirt uses 3rd party affiliate managers which means that you are required to sign up through either Shareasale, Commission Junction, or ClixGalore. (Personally I really like Shareasale because they have lots of t-shirt vendors who work with them. I think more t-shirt companies join Shareasale because they require far less $ to join as a company).

So what you do is signup at one of the affiliate management companies listed above and request to be part of the Spreadshirt affiliate program (don’t forget to check for other t-shirt affiliate programs!). You should do your own research to decide which affiliate management company is best for you. Once you join through the affiliate management company you can then get pre-made Spreadshirt banners and links to add to your site. Spreadshirt also occasionally emails with coupons and details on their upcoming sales (though not enough!) to help promote products.

Most of the pre-made banners and links go to the Spreadshirt Designer (Custom T-Shirt Designer) rather than a marketplace of t-shirts. The Spreadshirt product designer is a nice tool however I don’t think that everyone looking for a t-shirt is ready to tackle the designer. You can modify the banner links and point to other places on Spreadshirt like specific storefronts (if you can find them!). We now have the option to link to Spreadshirts Ubershop / Visual Buying Guide that has hand-picked designs but Spreadshirt hasn’t given out any banners for this.

There is great potential to make money from the Spreadshirt affiliate program however Spreadshirt really needs to work on providing affiliates very theme specific landing pages in addition to the Spreadshirt Designer page. Currently Shareasale statistics show that the average sale at Spreadshirt is $63.27 which means an affiliate commission of $12.02. Let us know your experiences with Spreadshirt!

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  1. nic · July 5, 2006

    the german affilates are not available anymore. But it is good to know that the others are still available. thx.

  2. T-Shirt Guy · July 15, 2006

    It seems that if you make 10 affiliate sales per month then they will provide you with additional coupons for promotion. A discussion is on ABW Affiliate Forums

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