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Cafe Clash – Cafepress T-Shirt Design Contest

CafeDo you think you have what it takes to design head-to-head with another designer for a given topic? Cafepress Shopkeeper Detour Design created Cafe Clash. The way it works is that Detour Design comes up with a topic and two Cafepress stores are entered into the competition. Each creates a design according to the theme and then its voting time. Anyone who visits Detour Designs can vote for a design and the person with the most Cafevotes with the Cafe Clash. It is a fun idea for a contest and worth monthly visits to see what is happening at Cafe Clash. Currently the contest is exclusive to Cafepress Shopkeepers. BOoOm!

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  1. Juna · November 2, 2006

    Just thought you might want to know that we are having another Cafe Clash and we’ve made it bigger than ever. 10 Shops. 7 Weeks. 1 Ultimate Champion. Enjoy.

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