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Cafepress Page Generator

Finally! An easy way to generate pages of Cafepress product designs to use on affiliate pages or blog posts. J Goode Designs created a Cafepress Page Generator. The Cafepress Page Generator pulls from the Cafepress XML feed and gives you the html code to show designs by keyword or tag. So if you have a site about turtles you can create a page of turtle designs to show on your site in just a few easy steps. If you are a Cafepress affiliate you will earn 20% of the sale price for each item sold. Creating a page in a format that will fit your site is really easy with this program. A screenshot of the Cafepress Page Generator has been included below.

Cafepress Page Generator

At the top of the page you insert details such as search term, your affiliate id, tracking number, and can then specify details such as how many items per page, how many columns, and other great features. CafeAfter inserting specifications click search and the designs will show up directly below. If you like what you see you can easily grab the html code and insert it into your own web site or blog.

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