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Squidoo and Cafepress – Create a Lens

Squidoo"/ Squidoois a new site that allows registered users to create a “lens” on any topic they want with opportunity to generate income by putting affiliate feeds from Amazon, Ebay, Cafepress or others. Commissions are “split” between the lens owner and Squidoo. Lens owners can choose to keep their portion of the commissions or have them donated to a charity. There are also plently of non-commerical modules like news, blog feeds, or Flickr images to add to your lens. The pages are optimized well for “SEO” and provide an opportunity to use their get additional traffic for whatever you are promoting.

Cafepress struck a deal have their TopicAds integrated into the system or you can also browse individual Cafepress designs and have them fairly easily integrated into your lens. Squidoo is a Cafepress Affiliate and splits the commission 50-50 with the lens owner which means you will probably get about $2 per referred sale. As part of the deal Squidoo has provided Cafepress with a Squidoo Cafepress Headquarters where Cafepress lens’ can be found in one place.

Many Cafepress shopkeepers have been creating lens’ that have are almost completely dedicated to their stores products. Example of Squidoo lens’ are JGoode Designs and Custom Shirts. Each of these lens’ have a blend of Cafepress TopicAds, individual Cafepress products, blog and Google news feed, external links, and blog posts from Technorati. Another lens called My Lens provides tips on a successful Cafepress branded Squidoo Lens.

Is creating a lens a good idea to promote your own t-shirts or products you have for sale? It is really too early to tell. TechCrunch wrote an insightful review of Squidoo. Cafe If traffic picks up and the buzz builds with Squidoo it might be an opportunity to get extra t-shirt sales or traffic from your lens.

Let us know what you think about using Squidoo to promote your online t-shirt store.

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  1. Round Mirror ยท · November 9, 2010

    squidoo lens are great for setting up your article on the internet, i use squidoo and also hubpages “

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