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Cafepress Meetups – Get Networking!

Cafepress meetupsAs much as I love my virtual life filled with blogs, instant messages, podcasts, it is great to get together in person with others who share the same passion for t-shirts, design, entrepreneurship, and e-commerce. Cafepress has been pushing its shopkeepers to start their own meetups at I was lucky enough to attend and hang out with a few other shopkeepers and a few Cafepress staff (since Cafepress is in the Bay Area!). You really get a Shopkeepers with a wide range of experience. It is a great time to exchange ideas and talk about our addiction with Cafepress. So I would encourage those looking to network with others who have the same Cafepress passions about t-shirts, design or Cafepress to have a look at Meetup and maybe there will be one near where you live. If not try organizing one! If you build it, they will come!

Here is a pick of the first Cafepress Bay Area group Meetup.

Cafepress Meetup

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