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I can’t tell you how long I have been thinking about blogging about t-shirts. It has been about two years since I took steps to start designing and selling t-shirts on the internet. It has been a fantastic journey. What started out as a hobby that I played around with at night or on the weekend has become a full time job. Yes thats right, I ditched my day job in January and now do this full time. Am I crazy? maybe but it is a fun journey learning not only about t-shirt design, but e-commerce, marketing and all the other facets of running an online business. I am sure you will enjoy the journey as we explore the ever increasing world of t-shirts and the internet. We will be talking about everything related to t-shirts and a lot about the fullfillment companies that are dominating the web and those who are just trying to get a footing. I would love to get feedback on all of our posts so get reading, get commenting and together we can learn more about creating, buying, and selling t-shirts.

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  1. Jean · July 2, 2006

    I too earn my living from the internet. I am a Cafe Press enthusiast. I’ve tried Spreadshirt and Zazzle and in my opinion they simple can’t compare to Cafe Press in so many areas. I also have started uuploading some of my customer requests to Printfection and while they are very new and stillk working out a few bugs (and don’t offer any kind of volume bonus plan as yet), I ordered a t-shirt with a composite of 9 of my designs and was very pleased with the quality and speed. Gildan is an excellent brand of t-shirt which I have used myself for years. As far as the interface in uploading designs, the payment plan, accessibility to prompt customer service, Cafe Press soars above the competition. While it’s true that having a lot of great designs is a HUGE key to success, the fact that Cafe Press is ranked so highly in the search engines and the fact that their own search engine works very well in finding design specific stuff, makes all the difference in the number of sales – at least for me. Cafe Press has over 2.5 million members so that alone helps in sales. So all you artists out there, this is definitely something you should consider. And especially to you out there who have clever ideas or sayings to put on t-shirts. I heard that there have been some timely poligical t-shirts that have earned their creators in the five figures in one month.

  2. T-Shirt Guy · July 14, 2006

    It is great to hear about people who make their living by working on the internet. Internet biz is no easy task. There are so many things to learn and some parts that have a steep learning curve. While it takes a tremendous amount of time to learn how to run an internet business most of the information on how to run an internet business is on the internet and available for free and the cost to run it is in general very low. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

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